1. Select [Agree and Continue]

2. Select the name of the store

1. Select day of use
2. Select number of people
3. Select [search using these criteria]
4.If you want to return, select [Return to store selection screen]

* Available rooms can be selected depending on the number of people booked.

1. Select [Reservation] for the room of your choice
2. Select [Back] to return

1. Select your time slot
2. Select [Back] to return

1. Select your arrival time
2. Select [Back] to return

*The available times are displayed next to the arrival time

1. Select your duration of stay
2. Select [Next]
3. Select [Back] to return

1. Enter your name, phone number and email address.
2. Select if you have a member's card
3. Select [Next]

1. Please confirm the reservation information
2. If there are no mistakes, select [Confirm Reservation}
3. Select [Back] to return

1. Please take a screenshot
2. Please select [Send Reservation Confirmation Mail]

*1 We kindly request you to show this screenshot to the staff when entering.
*2 If there is a delay of more than 15 minutes, your reservation will be automaticallycancelled.


Is this a regular cafe?
Our store is not a regular cafe, all drinks are self-serve. In addition, you can use the Internet, read comics, etc. in a private room.
How is the price determined?
The price is determined according to the time of stay. We do not charge per room, payment is calculated per person.
Do you provide bedding such as pillows and blankets?
Because our store is not a hotel, we do not provide bedding.
Is there a limited usage time?
You can stay for a maximum of 12 hours. If you would like to stay longer, you will need to settle your bill for the first 12 hours before continuing your stay.
Can I bring in outside food and drinks?
You can bring food and drinks freely. We also sell snacks in the store.
Can I go outside?
It is possible to go outside for a maximum of one hour. Please leave your check-in ticket and room key at the reception.
Can you keep my luggage for me after I leave?
Luggage storage (paid) is available at some outlets. Please contact our staff for more detailed information.
Is there a wake-up call service?
We do not provide a wake-up call service.
Can I smoke or use electronic cigarettes in the room?
Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in the guest rooms. Please use the provided smoking room inside.
Do you have English comics?
I'm sorry, we do not stock English comics at our stores.
Can I pay using credit card?
Yes, the following are accepted:

・JCB Card
・American Express
・Diners Club
・UnionPay Card (Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS)